Like trees in winter:
tangled in our nakedness,
too fragile to speak.

Needle tips pine scales,
hands to the victor, rainy
promises, nightfall.

It is never quite as warm
as a winter night,
hands inches apart.

Funny how the truth
tastes like metal in your mouth,
how the knife can bend.

A dizzying thought:
an entire universe
can be held between my arms.

Never mind our friends,
your family, or knowing
what will break us.

My body became a crowded room;
yours, a locked church. A poppy seed.

— Excerpt from β€œ11 Haikus to the Lover I Have Lost,” Once in a Wild November (via platonictouching)


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This is Pup. He’s a dingus, and I love him.


"Learning to Love Yourself"Β |Β Joshua Braunstein

Poet Profile: Joshua Braunstein, 20, Vice President.

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Being a TA. #vintage #studio #helpicantsee

Puppy love at Barker Field. πŸ’– (at Barker Field Dog Park)

Blog switch?!?!?!

Hello, all 12 of my followers, I will be voyaging away from this url. I’m keeping my account but have to change blogs because (for personal reasons) I no longer feel 100% safe using my current badoodle. If any of you want the url to my new home of derpage, hit me up. Yo.

(You won’t really care, but I thought I should tell you, anyway…)


Next time you get intimate, be sure to adjust your sexpectations for maximum romantic enjoyment.

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  1. Attempted scaring my husband coming home from work, he knew I was there
  2. I told him to go back and do it again, but to act scared this time!
  3. Instead of scaring him, apparently I airbended the crap out of him and it was so powerful that it knocked him to the ground
  4. This is why I love him

if you don’t think this is the sweetest thing ever you’re wrong

I just really enjoy how you scared the dog..

This is what I want… This is so perfect

I would totally do this

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